One_Inch_Blade Tales of Shinobi and Ninjutsu
A fictional wuxia world inspired by Naruto
Yusco chronicles of morred
The book is based on an ancient kingdom called ifrit and its prophecy that someone amongst the royal blood will manifest the Phoenix force and that he shall be their saviour. Morred the new prince, a carefree, brave and troublesome person manifests the Phoenix force at a very tender age he is then sent to the spirit temple so he could learn how to tame it. now a grown man he is bored and tired...
GreyFaith Aftermath
The world or your daughter? If you were only able to save one over the other which one would you choose? The story of Riyo, a man who chose to save his daughter, and the aftermath of his decision.
Rwgey The Queen's Avatar
Props to Yaoyueyi for the cover! Go send some love on her wonderful novel! /book/11701767605489305 Inspired by The King’s Avatar written by Butterfly Blue. In one of the most popular eSports game known as Glory, Ha Yerin was a popular competitive player in South Korea who has been following the game since it’s official release back when she was only eleven. Even...
awada141 The legend of ice
Hasan was a youth where he believed that everything was normal. But all of this changed when on his 15th birthday he had a dream... Walk with Hasan and see how he would reach a high level of cultivation. Note: This novel holds a great number of mythologies, games, and books
bloodyboy Conquer Or Die
(cover by sleepwrite) As per the will of eight of the nine Great Gods--------- All eligible races will be given "a chance" to overcome all other races and rise above all. All races will be given two options- Forfeit or compete Forfeiting races will be erased. Competing races will be given the power to compete further. A chance or a death sentence? -Pretty sure...