ILoveNoodles I'll Try This Cultivation Thing
Life is the biggest mystery of all. Magic is fascinating when depicted in a book but it becomes a normal thing when it's used for daily chores. A young soul like many other in the vast ocean of souls was reborn in a new world where new life and adventure waits for him. Cultivation, magic, laws, gods, heaven, hell. How will this young soul deal with the things that cross the boundary of...
zackdrake Demon God Reincarnated with System
This is a story of Demon God Azroth after reincarnated with a system.Zack an orphan died after beaten by a politician son and then Azroth soul with system and Zack fuses.Azroth will leave like legend once again and gain the will of Azroth.Finding truth about her background in this new world.He join the college study with human and fight with powerful human and also make a harem.
wameera_22 MY KIND OF LOVE
Miray Yethu was the CEO of the MIT company which she built from scratch. Having a cold personality and not revealing her identity to the public, she had a lot of rumours going on about her. Miray cared less about them, as long as the people she loved were beside her. She was really happy and content with the happiness she would feel by being with her family, spending time with her longtime best friend...

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