Sueitachan His Unwanted Male Empress
A certain Emperor "I do not approve of you being my Empress!"... A certain Prince "Like I need you to accept me. Just you? You're not worthy"... A certain eunuch "Your majesty! There's assassin trying to kill his Highness the Empress!"... A certain Emperor "WHO DARES TOUCH MY MAN?!"...
OmnipotentDad Heavenly Sovereign on Earth
The Great Sovereign from another world is transported to EARTH! Our Mc, Yi Long 48 years old, yearned for normal life, but faith didn't allow him to. since young, he was extremely talented, beating everyone, and all the powers within his realm, becoming the Supreme Guardian at the age of 35! After 13 years of ruling, he wants to give up this title, and choose his 10 disciples as...
I Love Mermaid My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife
He’s the Wolf King on the battlefield, one that mastered peerless martial arts and the sophisticated art of medicine. He originally wanted to just live a peaceful life, but his wife who’s a CEO thought he’s a loser and wanted a divorce. The cold war between husband and wife began. 我的冷艳总裁老婆

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